Crystal Infused Body Oil Set

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Crystal Infused Body Oil Set: made with therapeutic grade essential oil + quartz crystals. The perfect combination of aromatherapy and crystal healing. The pack combines the benefit of energizing crystals with essential oil blends through crystal infusion. As a conduit for healing, these crystal-infused blended oils help positive, renewing energy to flow into the body, while pushing negative and toxic energy out. Safe and ready to use wherever you need them, these oils are packed in glass bottles with a convenient dispenser or roll on applicator.

Aqua: balance + clarity

Rose: passion + love

Amethyst: calmness + peace

Titanium: strength + vitality

  • 2 pack: 20 ml roll on + 30 ml dispenser bottle of blended 100% pure essential oils
  • Essential oil
  • Quartz crystals